The Choreography of Color in Space


Synthesizing over 40 years as a business strategist for the markets of design worldwide, Stephen Nobel now offers original works of fine art direct from his studio for your residential and commercial clients. Before founding his successful consulting firm NOBELINKS, Stephen studied at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and later brokered art sales at the venerable OK Harris Gallery in New York's burgeoning SoHo district of the 1970s. Throughout the years, Stephen has steadily nurtured a studio practice that unites his aesthetic interests with decades of cultural experiences from his world travels.

The Art

Counterpoint in Second 2016 30" x 30"
Rose Left Wing 2016 30" x 30"
Counterpoint 2016 30" x 30"
Rouge 2017 30" x 30"
Pastel on Point 2017 30" x 30"
Derby 2017 30" x 30"
Semiphores 2017 30" x 30"
Five, Six, Seven, Eight 2017 30" x 30"
Leitmotif 2018 30" x 30"

NOBELARTS provides designers the unique opportunity to purchase or commission works of art tailored to your shared vision. With a sublime grid as his starting point, Stephen merges the improvisational attitude of a jazz musician with a formalist's rigor and touch.

The Process

Each vibrant section of hand-shaped Canson Mi-Teintes® paper is layered and juxtaposed with complementary forms and colors that live in harmony with one another, evoking the storied traditions of weaving and mosaic.

Artist's Statement

In his own words, Stephen notes, "My visual vocabulary is clear - rhythmic constellations of pure color on a grid. I make art to discover interactions and choreographies that I have not seen before." Discover how NOBELARTS will enrich your next design project. Imagine what you and Stephen can create. In collaboration with Stephen, your color and size needs may be customized to meet your design goals and your client's pure joy of seeing.